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National Hoarding Awareness Week

Hoarding Ice Breaker Form

If clutter, disorganisation or hoarding is affecting your health (mental or physical health) and making you feel anxious, depressed or unwell, then it’s advisable to have a chat with your GP.

If you don’t know what to say or how to start the conversation, then simply download, print off and complete this Ice-Breaker document, and hand it to your GP (or other medical professional).

They should then start asking all sorts of questions to enable them to start working out what might be causing your symptoms, and discuss some options that will hopefully help make you feel better. There could be a number of different things causing you to feel unwell, so it’s best not to assume there’s just one cause, or just one treatment.

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National Hoarding Awareness Week


Most people have very different ideas about what it means to have a cluttered home. For some, a small pile of things in the corner of an otherwise well-ordered room constitutes serious clutter. For others, only when the narrow pathways make it hard to get through a room does the clutter register. To make sure it is possible to get an accurate sense of a clutter problem, the Clutter Image Rating scale was created, displaying a series of pictures of rooms in various stages of clutter – from completely clutter-free to very severely cluttered.

This can be used by both working professionals or individuals who display hoarding behaviour as a means of accurately communicating the severity of a hoarded home.

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National Hoarding Awareness Week


GP Awareness of Hoarding Disorder is very important:
Please encourage your local GP to print out the posters, especially  – Living Room – and put it up in communal areas in their surgery.

If there is a support group in the area please advise your GP about that too.

This document is a great tool for GP’s themselves to keep on hand.

The GP’s leaflet was created by Clouds End CIC and was developed after a Hoarding Awareness Training session with GPs.

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KEITHS STORY - life with hoarding disorder


In summer 2023, Keith was a guest on The Hoarding Stuff Podcast, where he gave an update to where he is now seven years after the documentary. 


' In this episode Heather and Dave talk to the wonderful Keith. He opens up about the way his issues impact his life and how over a period of time he has managed to find ways to deal with them. Keith was in a documentary made in 2916 (Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board). It is a fabulous video and we highly recommend watching it. In this podcast you will be given more of an idea about Keith's life now. We would like to thank Keith for being so frank with us. We would like to thank past participants as well, as this is not always an easy topic to talk about. Thank you each and every one. ' 


Nigel’s journey with hoarding disorder

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