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Resilience & Hoarding

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Sharon McLoughlin, Clouds End, looks at Resilience and its importance when supporting individuals with Hoarding Disorder/Behavior.

Offering useful tips professionals can put into place when supporting clients. It focuses on how you can overcome difficult situations and find ways in which it will be easier to get through these periods.


Below is a guide to keep you grounded in your role when supporting clients.

Included is a digital download, which can be printed and kept on hand/display


Resilience & Hoarding

How to overcome the barriers and accept the challenges

  • Having an open and positive mindset is really important when offering your help to someone who lives in a Hoarded Home 
  • Take yourself back to the child in you and ask ” Why not?”  instead of the adult you see now “Hell no!”
  • View the barrier/challenge as a learning opportunity,don’t be afraid to ask for help 


Resilience & Hoarding

How to get back up when things don’t quite go the way we had planned

  • Sh*t happens accept it 
  • Postive thinking instead of negative thinking will establish a route out to reach the end goal.
  • Celebrate the the good and create opportunities, be curious and find out why did that happen
  • What might we have done differently? 
  • Don’t give up

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Resilience & Hoarding

When to acknowledge you just might not be the right person

Fact – You just might not be the right person; trust is important without trust we cannot go forward. 
Bringing your safe, dependable, open and honest self to the table is key.  
However if there is something in your gut or your feelings that you cannot overcome then it is important we recognise this and step back. 


Resilience and Hoarding guide


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Clouds End will be launching a full day session dedicated to Resilience & Hoarding this Autumn.

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