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Hoarding Disorder Resources / Support Groups –

HOARDING DISORDER RESOURCES / SUPPORT GROUPS DAY FIVE SEMINAR RECAP Friday’s seminar was an open discussion, with the focus being Innovation and New Approaches. A lot of amazing participants came forward to offer both professional and personal experiences around the topic. A big focus was put on Hoarding Disorder resources / support groups. Here is a recap […]


Hoarding & Trauma informed Practice

HOARDING & TRAUMA DAY FOUR SEMINAR RECAP Kayley Hyman, from Holistic Hoarding, looks at how understanding trauma is key to supporting those with Hoarding Disorder/Behaviour. The link between trauma and hoarding behaviours In most cases of hoarding, there is an emotional attachment/response to the items being hoarded, experiencing a traumatic event is often one of […]


Resilience & Hoarding

RESILIENCE & HOARDING DAY THREE SEMINAR RECAP Sharon McLoughlin, Clouds End, looks at Resilience and its importance when supporting individuals with Hoarding Disorder/Behavior. Offering useful tips professionals can put into place when supporting clients. It focuses on how you can overcome difficult situations and find ways in which it will be easier to get through […]


The Hoarded Brain

HOARDING & THE BRAIN DAY TWO SEMINAR RECAP  Sam Wainman, Psychologist & PhD Researcher, looks at the the brain activity of someone with Hoarding Disorder/Behaviour. Here is a recap of the key information covered. Overview of Hoarding & The Brain Psychology follows the scientific process; this means the understanding of Hoarding disorder is always being refined. […]


Hoarded Homes – Are they a Fire Risk?

HOARDING & FIRE DAY ONE SEMINAR RECAP Alan Swift, retired firefighter and director of New Horizons Clearances, offers an insight into hoarding & fire risk. Having both experience on the front line and directly working with individuals who have hoarding disorder, Alan provides great knowledge on not only hoarding & fire risk but also the […]



Jasmine Harman shares her My Hoarding Awareness Week story   Jasmine, has a very personal connection to Hoarding Disorder. Her mother has the condition so she has a real insight into the impact it has on those who suffer and those closest to them. Throughout the journey she has been on with her mother, she founded Hoarding.Support, an […]


Official Involvement Pack National Hoarding Awareness Week 2023

DOWNLOAD THE FREE INVOLVEMENT PACK The complete guide to supporting National Hoarding Awareness Week 2023     This document covers – Key Objectives for Hoarding Awareness Week 2023 How to set your goals for Hoarding Awareness Week 2023 Free Seminars How to get involved – online/social media How to get involved – work place & […]


My Hoarding Awareness Week – Share your Story

National Hoarding Awareness Week – What is MyHAW? If hoarding has touched your life in any capacity, we want to hear your MyHAW story.     We want everybody to share their experience around the subject of Hoarding. And we mean EVERYBODY… Individuals who live with Hoarding Disorder/Behaviour… professionals who support them or come into […]


GET INVOLVED – National Hoarding Awareness Week 2023

Looking to get involved? National Hoarding Awareness Week 2023 is looking to be the biggest yet, with even more organisations coming together to spread awareness around Hoarding Disorder. There is still plenty of time left to get involved, whether you can host an event to support the cause, allocate members of your team time to […]