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My Hoarding Awareness Week – Share your Story

March 7, 2023

National Hoarding Awareness Week –

What is MyHAW?

If hoarding has touched your life in any capacity, we want to hear your MyHAW story.

We want everybody to share their experience around the subject of Hoarding.

And we mean EVERYBODY…

Individuals who live with Hoarding Disorder/Behaviour… professionals who support them or come into contact with Hoarding in their job roles… Family & Friends living with or supporting someone with Hoarding Disorder/Behaviour…

This campaign is not limited to UK residents, we are open to submissions from around the world.

Hoarding Awareness Week is everybody’s event, each individual story matters.

How to get Involved in My Hoarding Awareness Week

We are asking for a short 1-2 minute video or email submission outlining the following-

  • Your place in relation to Hoarding Disorder & Behaviour
  • Why you think Hoarding Awareness Week is important

Although, a main aim of Hoarding Awareness Week is to correctly educate the professionals involved in the political, health and social care communities, this campaign will also work to educate wider society on how normal and common Hoarding Disorder/Behaviour is.

To achieve this we need real people with real stories to share their experiences. 

Hoarding Disorder & Behaviour should never be a taboo subject.

Submissions will be used as part of the content on our Instagram & Twitter pages, website & e-marketing during the countdown to Hoarding Awareness Week. All submissions will require you to sign a Media Release Form to confirm you are happy for us to do so. Information for this can be found in the how to submit section below.

We also encourage you to share any video entries on your own/work social media pages, tagging #MyHAW and our official instagram & twitter pages. As well as sharing the link to this post, helping to spread the MyHAW campaign as far as we can.

How to submit your My Hoarding Awareness Week Story

All submissions are to be sent to knowledgespace@cloudsend.org.uk with the subject ‘MyHAW’. Or sent as a direct message to our instagram and twitter page.


We ask for videos to be no longer than two minutes due to the attachment capabilities when submitting via email. If you do find your file size is too big, please email us and we can offer an alternative way to submit.

Portrait filmed footage is preferred, however please do not stress, we can make anything work.

NO FANCY EDITING REQUIRED. We just want your raw footage.

If you are interested in submitting a video response but may struggle to record yourself, please email knowledgespace@cloudsend.org.uk and we can organise a zoom session.


Emails are to be completed in the format shown in the below examples. If responses are on the longer side, we may have to condense it down to the main points for use during certain publications ( to fit into a scaled size). Wording will never be changed or altered.

However, please do not stress staying in a certain word count, we want honest and raw responses.

My Hoarding Awareness Week example 2 My Hoarding Awareness Week email example 1

Your Consent 

You MUST attach the Media Release Form, available to download here, otherwise we will not be able to share your story. This can also be emailed to you on receipt of your submission. The file is an editable PDF, once you download it onto your device it will allow you to complete all required sections, including the e-signature.

Permission is granted to Clouds End CIC as they are the main sponsor who manage National Hoarding Awareness Week.

Please ensure all of the below boxes are ticked when completing the form. This will allow us to spread awareness across all channels.

Videos, Email Blasts, Newsletters, Magazines, General Publications, Website and/or Affiliates.

Hoarding Awareness Week Media Release Form

Emails will be kept anonymous ( bar first names if used within the contents), however we still require a media release form to be completed.

If you have any questions or issues in regards to submitting your responses or the media release form, please email knowledgespace@cloudsend.org.uk with subject MyHAW.

Got more to say about National Hoarding Awareness Week?

If you feel you have too much to say for a two minute video or short email, we can discuss the potential of a longer video/podcast/interview discussing your story in more detail.

We are open to all ideas..

The more people get involved,

The bigger National Hoarding Awareness Week grows,

The more lives we can transform .

If you have any questions or need help to take part, please email us and we will be happy to help.

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