April 29, 2022

What is UK Hoarding Awareness Week?

UK Hoarding Awareness Week 2022 is a week of stakeholder engagement and activity, which aims to raise awareness.

The key messages of UK Hoarding Awareness Week 2022 are:

  • Supportive Intervention not eviction – when a person who hoards receives support there is no need to use legal processes to evict a person for a now recognised mental health condition (World Health Organisation 2022 inclusion in ICD)
  • Understanding that understanding the condition will help collaboration between supporters and those who hoard. Educate as many people as possible.
  • Create and develop partnerships that encourage multi agency understanding and working together as a team Supportive Intervention developed by Clouds End is testing this in a large citywide project in Birmingham called Chaos to Order and will be sharing findings in 2023.

We are trying to raise the profile of hoarding and particularly to make the following groups aware of the risks:

  • central and local government
  • social housing landlords
  • adult social care agencies
  • mental health agencies
  • local authority housing providers
  • any agency or organisation that, during the nature of their business activities, comes across people that display a tendency to hoard or clutter
  • any agency or organisation that positions themselves to help people that display a tendency to hoard or clutter
  • other blue light services.

Working together and sharing information is the only way to remove the risks that are presented.

Hoarding Awareness Week will:

  • Highlight the need for finding and training those who can support people who hoard in the community
  • Find new sponsors in the corporate world
  • Encourage greater partnership working to assess, support and resolve cases where people who demonstrate a tendency to hoard or clutter are identified.

Hoarding Awareness week has three key objectives:

  • Spread more widely an awareness of hoarding facts.
  • Promote greater understanding and acceptance across those who can influence change through education.
  • Encourage a stronger tendency for key influencers to support and promote at key moments.

Promotion and social media

We need to make sure that the people who can help spread the word are kept in the loop, so they can help share information in the best way possible to raise awareness. Identify the people most likely to be able to help you to publicise your participation in UK Hoarding Awareness Week 2022 and enlist their knowledge and experience to help you.

If you intend to tweet in the lead up to, or during, UK Hoarding Awareness Week then please mention

#HAW2022   #SupportiveInterventionNotEviction   #PartnershipWorking 

HAW IS EVERONE’S EVENT and, as such, we encourage you to undertake your own local media activity .If you manage to secure any regional TV coverage, it would be helpful if you could inform support@cloudsend.org.uk as  we can publicise this on the HAW website and possibly retweet etc.

Logo and web page

Below you can find a link to logos and other graphics to use for HAW. Maybe you can create an email ‘signature’ of the logo, to use on correspondence sent during UK Hoarding Awareness Week: