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Women & Theatre shines light on hoarding

May 11, 2017

Awarding winning company Women & Theatre want to produce a new theatre production that respectfully shines a light on the subject of hoarding. 

Hoarding is a fascinating and universal aspect of human behaviour that occurs in all races, cultures and is not affected by social or economic status. Without sensationalizing, we will present a multitude of stories and use research and humour to explore the complex components that impact on our hoarding tendencies.

Developed from research interviews and workshops with individuals and groups affected by the issue, the play will be written and performed by W&T’s Artistic Director and established stand-up comedian Janice Connolly, who was recently heard on Radio 2 with her sitcom Barbara Nice.

W&T is in the process of identifying project partners and raising funds. We are keen to hear from groups and organisations that could support our research process and/or host performances. For more info, contact jesspearson@womenandtheatre.co.uk


Janice Connolly and her sitcom character Barbara Nice

Janice Connolly and her sitcom character Barbara Nice