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Hoarding Awareness Week 2016:

March 2, 2017

We have here some of the suggestions from HAW from 2016:

·         Ask OCD/BDD groups to engage in an activity that will raise awareness of Hoarding. Ask group to provide ideas.

·         Focus on friends, family and neighbours – reassure them they are not getting the person into trouble.

·         Highlight what Hoarding is and what help is available in that area

·         Roadshows

·         Networking and best practice events

·         Practical measures to reduce the risk of fires

·         Awareness sessions for staff

·         Campaign to de-clutter and donate

·         Case studies to show the benefits

·         Interviews/Feedback from people with Hoarding issues, and their families

·         Joint agency events

·         Myths/Truths about Hoarding

·         A space for people to bring unwanted items they find difficult to let go of and to hold a sorting session with tips about useful strategies – this could involve disposal of items that people were able to let go of (the items could be donated to local charities)

·         Toolbox talks for contractors/staff members who go into residents’ homes

·         Information sessions for staff, residents and/or the general public

·         Informal drop-in sessions

·         Coffee mornings (in sheltered schemes)

·         Promote support in Sheltered & Extra Care schemes

·         Promote successful cases, look at national cases – get others in to talk about it e.g. counsellors, MH Teams, Families who’ve lived with a Hoarder

·         Show documentaries or clips from TV shows

·         Photo-board of Hoarded houses – Before & After

·         Flyers/information leaflets for contractors

·         ‘Push the Button’ campaign to test smoke alarms are working

·         Set up a Hoarders corner in your local shopping centre and ask passers-by if they know anyone who lives like this – this was done previously by the FB and got a great response.

·         Host Educational Events – Invite people to attend an event where they can learn something really useful for their own lives, while learning about your issues.

·         Host Social Events – Make the reason to get together fun & social, then tack on some information about your cause

·         Organise a Service Project – Allow groups (e.g. service clubs, employees at a company etc.) volunteer together in some way related to your work, perhaps on a special volunteer day

·         News-jack – Tack your story onto an existing news story. By providing reporters with a story they can use to update breaking news on the following day, your story becomes the second paragraph of the day

·         Be the Helpful Friend – Share helpful tips in a friendly way, such as how-to articles and checklists

·         Distribute brochures/Leaflets – Where are most people naturally triggers to think about your issues? Put brochures, leaflets or other ‘leave behind’ materials in those places

·         Share Your Gratitude – Bring attention to and share your gratitude for others doing good work on your issue

·         Be The Trusted Expert – Public research, case studies, or trends data that positions you as the trusted expert on your issues

·         Distribute wallet cards, magnets, stickers – small enough items to fit in wallet/purse or attractive enough for a fridge.

·         Empower and Connect Others – Bring people together who have a common interest and facilitate their sharing and networking, so they know they’re not alone.


Support me, support you, supporting hoarding together from MRS Independent Living on Vimeo.