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Save the date!

Hoarding Awareness Week starts 17th of May 2021

Save the date!

Hoarding Awareness Week starts 17th of May 2021


What is it?

Hoarding Awareness week was an initiative started by the Chief Fire Officers Association in collaboration with Heather Matuozzo of Clouds End CIC and Cherry Rudge of Rainbow Red back in 2014. It was launched at the Houses of Parliament.

This site is to help anyone who wishes to join us by raising awareness around hoarding.

This is a very misunderstood condition which can be approached wrongly without awareness of how it manifests itself and how to talk to people who have these issues.

Please Join Us

You all can help by spreading the word...


If everyone emails 1 contact to let them know we’re looking to hold this awareness week this year and then ongoing every year who knows how big this event could be in 5 years!


If you have contact with any organisations who are interested in Hoarding or your local MP it would be really useful to speak to them in order to try and grow this event.


A logo design for the event is in on the resources pages and also examples of emails you might like to send out. The logos can be used on all literature, badges, wristbands, t-shirts etc.

Anything Else

If you believe that you can be of any help in any other way then that would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to go to our 'Contact' section to get in touch with any ideas you may have.

News from past events

Click on the articles below to read more about what they did and why they did:

National Hoarding Awareness Week – Awareness Raising and FREE Webinars

Hoarding and Safeguarding Monday, 17th of May 2021 16:00 – 17:00 As we know safeguarding is everyone’s business but when is hoarding actually safeguarding. How to know and what to do. Who woul[...]

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Memories of the National Hoarding Conference, London

National Hoarding Conference I have to admit to some ulterior motives in attending the first National Hoarding Conference earlier this May. It meant I’d finally see inside the renowned Emirates Stad[...]

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National Hoarding Conference

Improving Person-Centred Outcomes is an event for people, nationwide, who are affected by hoarding behaviour and the professional services who support them. [...]

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